15ème anniversaire de Gripple Europe et 25ème anniversaire de Gripple Limited

You are currently viewing 15ème anniversaire de Gripple Europe et 25ème anniversaire de Gripple Limited

J’ai eu le plaisir de participer hier soir à la célébration, du Groupe Gripple.

Gripple Europe a été implantée il y a 15 ans à Obernai par mon ami Denis ANTHONI… 90 collaborateurs et collaboratrices d’une dizaine de nationalités différentes contribuent au développement considérable de ce Groupe.

J’ai eu grand plaisir hier soir de retrouver M. Hugh FACEY le fondateur de Gripple et son épouse France, ainsi que M. Roger HALL l’un des principaux dirigeants du Groupe. Une entreprise dynamique, performante et imprégnée d’un esprit d’équipe exceptionnel.

Ci-dessous mon discours lors de cette cérémonie.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

 I am particularly honored to be so warmly welcome to this major event  you have been organizing in order to celebrate two Anniversaries which are :

  • Gripple Limited 25th birthday
  • and Gripple Europe 15th birthday.

 I have so much pleasure greeting Sir Hugh Facey, the founding father of this glowing international company, and his wife, for whom I have an enormous respect and friendship. I would like to express all my gratitude and my recognition towards them for chosing Obernai, our beautiful town, as a host place to settle, 15 years ago, its European head office, which we are celebrating today.

I remember well my first meeting with my friend, Denis Anthoni, who began to work either modestly in Obernai but with a strong will and dedication.

Denis, you can be very proud of what was achieved over the years, a pride that can be shared with you all, Ladies and Gentlemen, whether it be the associates or the Board of Gripple company, which employs 90 people, working with passion every day.

The success of Gripple is due to your skills, an exceptional team-spirit as well as flawless professional ethics, highlightened throughout many demonstrations of solidarity or even environmental protection such as BiObernai, our major Organic Agricultural Show, taking place this week-end, in Obernai

Dear Hugh,

Dear Denis,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What an amazing feeling to share this special moment with you!

I do remember singing with you in the same place 2 years ago, the beautiful Beatles’s song « A hard day’s night » during the official opening ceremony of your extension. Beyond our mission to carry on, we all wish for a better world, and here again, we could sing together « Imagine » by John Lennon.


Thank you all, and I wish full success to Gripple.



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